Posted on January 14, 2016by The Hollywood Times


NEW YORK, January 14, 2016 – FYI’s new original series, “Zombie House Flipping” explores the recent trend of house flippers scooping up foreclosed and often abandoned “zombie houses” and renovating them to return neighborhoods to their former glory. Eight one-hour episodes begin premiering on Saturday, January 30 at 10pm ET.

In “Zombie House Flipping,” millennial house flipper Justin Stamper and his team of renovators have found a solution to the abandoned, rundown homes in Florida. As the “Robin Hoods of Real Estate” in Orlando, Justin and his team buy and fix up dilapidated, sometimes bank-owned homes, making big money in the process – but of course, not without difficulties along the way. From leaking roofs and the threat of sinkholes, to electrical fires and poorly piped Florida “McMansions,” there is never a dull moment with this group of house-flipping mavericks.|

“The problem of zombie homes blighting neighborhoods across America is ripped from the headlines,” said Gena McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Programming and Development for FYI. “Once again, FYI is tapping into the social zeitgeist to create a unique and entertaining format in the home genre.”

In each episode, Justin and team, along with his trusty dog Marley, will tour decrepit properties and determine their resale value. Once they pick a property, Justin hands it over to the dueling construction and makeover masters: Keith, the builder, and Duke, the designer. Butting heads on everything from bathroom tile to the proper windows for Tudor homes, these guys will only agree to disagree, but with limited time and money they somehow find a way to make it work. After the dust settles, property scout and realtor extraordinaire, Ashlee, lists the revived property in hopes of turning a profit. The next day, it’s time for another zombie hunt.

“Zombie House Flipping” is produced by Pilgrim Media Group for FYI. Executive producers for Pilgrim are Craig Piligian, Sam Korkis and Scott Popjes. Executive producers for FYI are Gena McCarthy, Liz Fine and Jordan Harman.